Getting Started – One to One and Accountability Trial Offer

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Not sure where your business focus is or what you’re really working to achieve? This is the perfect combo of planning and action to get your business moving with purpose. Orders are processed Fridays. I will contact you regarding one to one time slots for the coming week.

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For this Accountability Trial Offer, you get a One on One session with me (over Skype) lasting between 45min – 2 hours (everyone’s needs are different) and a month’s Accountability Coaching.

The 1:1

The One to One sorts out what you will be held accountable for during your 1 months access to the Accountability group and service.

We will discuss why you run your business, how it is currently run, where it is now (start-up, hobby business, needing growth) to where you want it to be and how you will know you are there. This can be a revealing process and can bring up some issues that have been long buried or ignored. It is always good to see issues in the light so they can be dealt with. Not hold you back.

You’ll have clarity around what actions will give you the most growth for the least effort because no one wants to work harder than they have too.

After the session, I’ll type up notes and let you into an Accountability group.

The Group

A private Facebook group is where you post your tasks for the week. I and other group members can see what you’re committing to doing. I will check in with you in the group & either/or Facebook Messager, Email to hold you accountable during your Accountability Trial Offer. Just knowing that someone is going to be checking up on you is a great driving force to get things done.

Accountability Trial Offer Group

In the group will be others also on the Accountability Trial Offer. I do this to help nurture a supportive environment for the people you may continue in the accountability service with. To build a close team. As much as possible I avoid adding members in close competition. I want my clients to be number 1 🙂

This is no extra work!

What actions you task yourself are the ones you already know you should be doing. The actions that your boss would be expecting you to do. If you had a boss.

It is one of the downsides to self-employment is having to be self-motivated. To do the non-exciting jobs. Marketing, cash flow etc. All those jobs that are really important for growth but don’t deliver instant gratification. Like getting paid. As you know, it is part of the human condition to crave instant gratification. Accountability to another person gives you the “I achieved” feeling for even mundane tasks.

Take your first action now! See what having an accountability coach will do for you and your business.

This is what a client who did a trial had to say…

Amanda kicked my butt, in the good kinda way!

She took me from running a hobby business on the side, to full time working for myself, and now owning 2 stores! There was no way I could now be doing what I love every day and getting paid for it without her, don’t think about signing up with her, SIGN UP WITH HER. A little investment now will pay of 10000 times in the future!

Jono Smeets @ Creative Homewares

Check out the FAQ for more information on all Accountability Services, including this Accountability Trail Offer.

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