Accountability Coaching For Business Owners Monthly Payments


Have beautiful set goals, but have taken few or no steps to achieving them?  Accountability Coaching in a small online group could really work for you.

Orders are processed Fridays.


Accountability Coaching is an extremely powerful tool to make things happen. Being your own boss is both a blessing and a curse. The buck stops with you, which although freeing, can lead to a lot of talking yourself out of doing.

Why Accountability Coaching Works

As humans, we love and crave instant gratification. With Accountability Coaching you can have instant gratification with even the dull tasks. Writing a book chapter that no one has yet seen or getting your cash flow prediction in order are important jobs for your business development and growth, but don’t give you the feeling of achievement. That is unless you have an Accountability Coach.

Working with me, you get joy from doing the tasks that are the most important. Not normally the most exciting, but the ones that will make life so much easier in the long run.

If you have not already worked with me, I advise you do a One on One session first. A Business Goal Setting session gives you clarity and will set us up with a plan to work from. You can combine a session and a month’s Accountability Coaching here with the Accountability Trial Offer saving you $47.

How This Accountability Coaching Works

For Accountability Coaching, you post your weekly task that you want to be held accountable for in your Facebook Private Accountability Group (assigned to you, once payment has processed). I and others in the group can then see what you have committed to achieving. I will then check -in with you throughout the week to make sure the tasks are getting done.

Cash Back Incentive

I want you to do what you commit to so, on top of peer accountability there is also a financial incentive.  If all tasks set are completed at the end of the month there is a $50 cash back. This can either be reimbursed or carried over to the next month meaning you only pay $75 after the initial month, for as long as you stay on track.