1. What does FAQ stand for?

Frequently Asked Questions – Well there will always be someone 😉

Accountability Coaching

     2.  What are the benefits to me as a business owner?

As a business owner, the buck stops with you. This, unfortunately, can lead to lots of letting yourself off the hook and “I’m sure I’ll get around to it later” thinking. You getting stuck into some tasks and forgetting others, mainly the ones that will provide a solid foundation for growth in your business for more instant gratification tasks (don’t worry we all do it, it’s part of being human). Accountability Coaching gives you instant gratification for the jobs that need doing for your business goals to become reality. It’s all about making sure you’re taking action.

      3.   How much extra time is this going to take out of my day?

After the initial plan sharing (I’ve got to understand your vision to provide the best support), very little as it’s all actions you should have been taking anyway. That’s not to say you won’t get hugely motivated and work more, but at least you’ll be working towards your big life changing goal.

     4.   What exactly will you be doing?

I’ll be an external little (O.K. can be loud) voice in your head, cutting through the excuses and the talking yourself out of doing. Depending on your Actions for the month I’ll be touching base with you before the deadline and on the deadline. Having a deadline for a task makes it Tangible, having someone else know your deadline makes it Done!

    5.   How does Accountability coaching work?

 You’ll be sent an initial “what you want to be held accountable for achieving” document, which will tell me the Goal, Steps etc you’ll be taking. We’ll add in dates for tasks to be achieved & basically I’ll be on your case (lovingly) to make sure it’s done:-) 

    6.   What if I just give you excuses all of the time?     

There is a $50 cash back incentive which will be forfeited if tasks agreed are not completed by the due date each month. Valid excuses like illness and grievance will be case by case my discretion. 3 months worth of non-valid excuses and you’ll be cut from the service. I want my clients to see a real benefit in working with me and that wouldn’t happen unless you’re taking action.

    7.   How does paying for this ensure that I get stuff completed?

It doesn’t, you Doing ensures stuff gets completed. Your paying for encouragement, clarity and the knowledge that you’ll be wasting money if you don’t do. Humans don’t like losing money, it’s an even more effective motivator than earning money. Think about it if someone said:

A)”I’m going to take $10 from you every day you don’t complete this task”


B) “You can have $20 when this task is done.”

I bet it’ll take you less than 2 days to do the task with option A) whereas with option B) you can talk yourself out of doing it with “I don’t need $20 right now.”

 8.   What if I only tell you about all of the easy work?

That’s what the initial Goal & Step sharing is for…I’m not about to let you play small. That’s not why you came to me. If I think you’re playing small I’ll call you on it. It doesn’t serve you to not make the most out of this service.

    9.   How much flexibility do you offer given that unexpected things happen all the time?

I fully expect your Plans and maybe even your Goal to develop or even completely change during the process due to the lay of the land looking different after each step up. Truly unexpected things do happen all the time and with communication, they can be managed, things can be re-giggled to work with the new situation.

10. Is this a fixed contract kind of thing?

Month by month at this stage.

    11.  What’s the cancellation policy / How much notice is required?

Months notice communicated to me. 

    12.  How exactly do the refunds work 

You can designate an account in which your refunds will be sent to at the end of each complete month (30 days). You will have agreed if a refund is not going to happen.

   13. What sorts of businesses would benefit from accountability training?

Ones with a person at the helm with no one above them in the pecking order. I personally only work with ethical business owners. If you find yourself stuck working in your business rather than on growing or developing your business then this service is for you.

    14.  I work from home and my business is quite small – am I too small or unsuited to this sort of coaching?

Do you know you need to be held accountable to get stuff done? If you answered Yes then this sort of coaching is for you.

    15.  How often can I expect you to check in with me? Do I have any flexibility over this schedule?

Dependent on your tasks but a guide would be 3-12 times a month. A check in can literally be a message so no scheduling required.

    16.  How long will it take until I can see a difference from this coaching?

As soon as your first step is complete you’ll see & feel a difference. Something will be done that would have been added and re-added to a ToDo list. There is a euphoric feeling of accomplishment that I’m hoping to get you hooked on 🙂


If you have any more questions you’d like answered or you think should be on the FAQ page please email me at ajpipe@aj-pipe.com.