Accountability Coaching Moves You from Conception to Completion

Accountability coaching is not a dirty word. It’s two words and neither are gruesome. Yet being accountable is an action word which can send shivers down our spines.

Well, not mine. I love it!

Accountability Coaching is in My Blood! 

Let’s just cut to the chase right here and right now. My accountability coaching programs help you to meet your business goals and achieve success.  I do this by helping you:

  • get a clear picture of where your business is now and where you want it to be
  • identify your ideal client
  • tweak the systems already in place for optimal efficiency
  • work through a step-by-step implementation of any new systems
  • establish continuity with your branding and planning
  • installing easy monitoring practices
  • be accountable for your stated goals and actions
  • get things done easily and with less stress
  • increase your profit

NZ Accountability Coaching You Can Trust 

I’m Amanda Jane Pipe, the accountability coach known for cutting through the crap and nailing down the issues. I began accountability coaching after being stung by people giving “this is the way it’s done” business advice. I wasted valuable time doing things which just did not get results.

If there is anything that will drive me up the wall, it is a one size fits all model. That’s why I have implemented the “everybody is different” rule with all my clients.

Your business is unique. It should be treated as such, by you and any service providers. I take the time to work with you to identify where your business is now and where you want it to be. Together we’ll identify what is working and what’s not, making sensible changes where necessary. We’ll create actionable goals and schedule tasks to achieve these. I’ll be on your case as much or as little as you need to get the job done and believe me, you will get it done!

Amanda Jane Pipe (AJ for short) Accountability Coach

I’m an English Mum of two living in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. I live with my Kiwi husband Damian, my two sons and our dogs, Oscar and Billie. In my very early 20’s, I set up a concept business that got catapulted to a corporate and “must have” service in under 2 years. It regularly generated over $28,000 in a single day.

Through a lot of trial and error, I got my business in front of the right audience. My experiences in marketing, business planning, goal setting and strategic planning got me to the top. Now I’m here to move you up there too. Using my first-hand knowledge, I want to help you accelerate your business success in a way which feels right for you.

Virtual Accountability Coaching Services 

I’m here to help, whenever you need me. A great place to start is with my Getting Started 1-1 Accountability Trial offer.

For a more in-depth approach, attending my  Business Owner Business Retreat Weekend is also a fabulous step towards success.

Or for business owners who are not sure where they are heading, my Business Goal Setting and Planning package is for you.

Whatever you need, I’m flexible and will tailor my accountability coaching services just for you. Get in touch today and together we’ll get you and your business to where they deserve to be.